Bing Means Sauce

We’re busy whipping up new batches of our beloved Bing sauces for the MeanRed Oktoberfest, this Sunday at Transmitter Park, Greenpoint.  Be sure to stop by and taste these fall themed concoctions created just for the event.  We’re co-selling the sauces to pair with adorable pretzels made by Joann Kim, the founder of Greenpoint Food Market.   How can you make pretzels adorable?  Come and see!

On the menu is:

Apple Ginger Onion Relish __ A zingy savory topping that will aid you through cold season.  Can be used on a multitude of foods from wurst to sandwiches

Tangy Mint Cranberry Glaze __ Both sweet and refreshing, with the slightest hint of tart.

Horseradish & Parsley Mustard__We’re getting to be quite known with what we do with mustard.  This is our westernized and autumn-ized version.



Scallion pancakes!

Scallion pancakes!



busy first day on vimeo

bing at greenpoint food market from bing means pancakes on Vimeo.

Today’s Greenpoint Food Market

2009-10-10 16.01.51

sold out! thanks so much!

trying some granola from sarah

trying some granola from sarah

child in awe of bing customer

child in awe of Bing customer

at greenpoint food market

bing signage

sold out of savories! thanks!

2009-09-12 15.11.21greenpoint food market